‘Silappadhikaram’ the Story of Anklet, Describing the Fury of a Chaste Woman, Ruining the Whole City

‘Silappadhikaram’, the ballsy of adornment (silambu in Tamil) is one of the 5 abundant epics of Sangam Tamil Literature. Its columnist is Saint Elango accepted as Elango Adikal. He was a prince brother of Cheran senguttuvan but renunciated carnal activity and took to Jain Sainthood to accord way for his brother to absorb the throne, thereby falsifying a sooth adage that the adolescent brother would abandon the ancient in application the throne. They were from the harbour basic Vanchi and the ballsy was accounting by the artist from Chera kingdom.(Now a allotment of Avant-garde Kerala).

The adventure band of Silappadhikaram is annihilation beneath than a avant-garde anxiety thriller. This was the aboriginal of its affectionate to portray accepted citizens as hero and charlatan as adjoin added epics accepting alone Gods and kings as basic characters. Its basic changeable appearance Kannagi is acclaimed as Goddess Durga all over India and a temple is there accepted as Kannagi temple in Kerala. The adventure explains in detail the three kingdoms prevailing in South India namely Chola, Pandiya and Chera kingdoms application the afresh South India, their rulers, activity and practices of humans active in those times. Emphasise is accustomed to the top moral ethics of humans and the accomplished faculty of amends a part of the kings. No doubt, this is advised as one of the masterpieces in apple literature.

The adventure in brief:

Though the columnist Elango belonged to Chera kingdom, the basic characters belonged to Chola kingdom. Kannagi, the changeable advance of the adventure was the babe of a blooming agent from Poompuhar, the littoral address of Chola kingdom.. She was affiliated to Kovalan, son of addition appropriately affluent businessman. Their affiliated activity was actual blessed and peaceful till Kovalan met Madhavi, a admirable ballerina in a ball concert. Kovalan got beguiled with Madhavi and started active with her, abandoning Kannagi. Both of them had a actual blessed active calm till the day of ‘Indira festival. That day, forth the Poompuhar beach, dance, music and brawl acclimated to yield place. During the merriment, Madhavi sang a composition alongside implying that all men were womanisers (including Kovalan of course). Infuriated by this, Kovalan larboard her and afresh alternate to Kannagi. (Madhavi gave bearing to a appealing babe adolescent Manimekalai, whose activity was declared in addition ballsy Manimekalai. The two epics Silappadhikaram and Manimekalai are accepted as accompanying epics of Tamil)

By this time,as it is accepted with those who reside with concubines, Kovalan had absent all the abundance and Kannagi was in ascendancy of alone two actual admired anklets. They did not ambition to go aback to their parents, instead absitively to leave Chola kingdom, ability Madurai, the afresh basic of Pandya kingdom.

They get a changeable co-passenger with the name Kavundhi adikal, a Buddhist Saint who guided them to Madurai.

Once they accomplished Madurai, Kannagi gave one adornment to Kovalan to be awash in bazaar and he went in seek of a -to-be buyer. Unfortunately alone the antecedent day, the Pandiya queen Kopperum Devi absent her adornment and spies were searching for the thief. The -to-be client took him to The Royal goldsmith for verification. Unfortunately, the goldsmith was the absolute culprit, who bound him in a corpuscle and appear the baron that he bent authority of the thief.

The baron after giving a hearing, ordered that he should be beheaded anon and his adjustment was agitated out meticulously.

What followed was the aspect of the epic. On audition the news, his wife Kannagi stormed into the king’s cloister with the actual adornment in her hand. She effectively questioned the acumen abaft the judgement after enquiry and giving a adventitious to the accused to defend. Both the baron Pandiyan Nedncheziyan and Kopperundvi were speechless. Finally, in a anemic defence the baron asked, “Where is the affidavit that your bedmate was innocent?” Kannagi angrily quipped “It could accept been bigger had you asked this catechism afore beheading my husband” and aswell advocated her case by allurement “What were the capacity of queen’s anklet?” The queen replied that her anklets independent Pearl beads. Kannagi accepted the adornment recovered from Kovalan and she effectively threw it on the ground. To everybody’s absolute disbelief, it independent Ruby chaplet in it. Not absolutely annoyed with the proof, Kannagi bankrupt her actual adornment also.

Lo! That aswell independent Ruby chaplet proving aloft agnosticism that the anklets of Kannagi were absolutely altered from that of the queen. The one with Kovalan was not that of the queen and an innocent being was atrociously dead by the amiss judgement.

Unable to buck the impact, the baron cried “Am I a king, I am the thief” (Naano Arasan? naane Kalvan). So adage he fell from the head and died immediately. The queen aswell anon followed her bedmate by dying instantly.

There was a abundant commotion in the court. The absolute thief, the Royal goldsmith was anon arrested.

But Kannagi was not satisfied. Nobody was able to ascendancy the acerbity of that absolutely austere woman. Because of her angry look, the absolute Madurai city-limits was burnt. Everybody were burnt to afterlife except acceptable people, angelic people, women and beasts who were accustomed to survive.

Finally, the adventure ends anecdotic the accident of Gods bottomward from Heaven and demography that Goddess of Virtue to her adorable abode.

There is a temple for Goddess Kannaki congenital by Cheran baron Senguttuvan, ancient brother of Ilango Adikal, the columnist of Silappadhikaram. An anniversary anniversary aswell is captivated consistently to adjure Goddess Kannaki.

This is the adventure of Silappadhikaram and the claim are as follows:

The adventure is alloyed about the three capitals of bygone South India. Accordingly, the absolute artifice is about three acts namely:

1. Puhar kandam, contest in Poompuhar basic of Chola commonwealth (Central Tamilnadu)

2. Madurai kandam contest in Madurai, basic of Pandiya commonwealth (South Tamilnadu)

3. Vanchi kandam: contest in Vanchi, basic of Chera commonwealth (West Tamilnadu and Kerala)

Thus the cultural and Trade practices prevailing in absolute South India from North to South and East to West are able-bodied described. Trade contacts with adopted countries were aswell dealt with in detail.

The wars won by Tamil kings were declared well.

The anapestic standards are of actual top accurate value.

Three religions were accustomed accent and their community were able-bodied declared which are Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

The abstemiousness of women was accustomed due accent by authoritative Kannaki the axial character.

The aboriginal moral is “The austere woman would be awful admirable by college people”

The Karma of beforehand bearing will adjudge punishments of the present birth. Thus emphasising the actuality of assorted births, Karma and aswell the abstraction of fate. The additional moral is (” Karma of antecedent bearing will absolutely accord its judgements”)

The third moral is “if a baron errs in judgement, the God of Dharma would accord him afterlife after fail”.

One can see these behavior are alloyed in all the episodes

Several abundant advisers accept contributed for the Renaissance of the aloft classical epic. A part of them, two advisers deserve appropriate mention.

Mahamahothpayaya (The abundant Master) U.V.Swaminatha Iyer, a Tamil assistant who searched all the approach leaves and who fabricated the Printing of the book accessible and Silampu selvar (Doyen of adornment epic) Shri Ma.Po.Sivagnam, who committed his activity in writing, publishing and giving lectures on this epic. In actuality there are dozens of Tamil advisers who accept contributed for the abundant acceptance of the epic.

Let us aswell accept the amusement of traveling through the ballsy in Tamil, English or both

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